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How Brandy Inc. Suppressed Negative Press for a Medical University

In July 2014, a Medical University in California faced a significant online reputation crisis following the widely publicized arrest of its CEO. This event led to an influx of negative news articles that dominated search results, resulting in a notable drop in student enrollment as potential applicants were deterred by the tarnished online image of the university.


When I, Rohan Rajan of Brandy Inc., took on this challenge, it was clear that the university’s online reputation needed immediate and strategic intervention. Our initial assessment revealed that the negative articles held considerable authority and visibility. Furthermore, the university’s online assets were inadequately optimized, which left them vulnerable to pervasive negative content.

To combat this, I implemented a comprehensive strategy focused on search engine optimization (SEO), strategic content development, and proactive reputation management. I believe a multi-faceted approach would be most effective in addressing the crisis and restoring the university’s reputation.

Strategy and Execution

  1. SEO Optimization: I believe in the power of robust SEO practices. We started by optimizing the university’s existing online assets, including their website, social media profiles, and other digital platforms. This involved keyword optimization, meta tag improvements, and ensuring all content was aligned with best SEO practices.
  2. Content Development: In my experience, creating high-quality, positive content is crucial in overshadowing negative press. We produced and disseminated a series of authoritative articles, blog posts, and press releases that highlighted the university’s achievements, faculty expertise, and positive student experiences. This not only provided a counter-narrative to the negative news but also improved the overall online presence of the university.
  3. Proactive Reputation Management: I recommend constant monitoring of online mentions and swift responses to any emerging negative content. We set up alerts and a tracking system to manage this effectively. Engaging with the community through social media and other online forums helped in building a more positive and interactive online presence.


Within the initial two weeks, our efforts started to show results. The search engine rankings began to shift, and the negative news articles started disappearing from prominent search results. Continued efforts eventually suppressed these negative articles from Google’s first page for all university-related keywords. This was a significant milestone in our campaign.


Through strategic optimization and content development, Brandy Inc. successfully restored the university’s online reputation. This approach not only suppressed the negative content but also bolstered the university’s online presence. The result was a noticeable increase in student enrollment and a resurgence of public confidence in the institution.

In conclusion, my work with Brandy Inc. on this project underscores the importance of a well-rounded and strategic approach to online reputation management. I believe that by focusing on quality content and robust SEO practices, we can effectively manage and improve the online reputation of any organization facing a crisis.


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