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How Brandy Inc. and Rohan Rajan Rescued a Boutique Financing Company’s Online Reputation


In April 2014, a boutique financing company in Geneva, Switzerland, faced significant challenges with their online reputation. More than eight search listings containing defamatory content prominently appeared in the top search results on Google. These negative listings included four Ripoff Reports and entries on Mortgage Grapevine and Complaint Board, which severely tarnished the company’s online image.

The Challenge

The impact of this negative content was profound. Over 80% of the web share related to their business information showed negative results, which put the firm’s reputation and customer trust at risk. Potential clients researching the company were confronted with these damaging reports first. Recognizing the urgency, the financing company reached out to me, Rohan Rajan of Brandy Inc., a highly respected reputation management firm, to address and resolve the situation promptly.

Initial Analysis

When my team and I at Brandy Inc. conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s online presence, we identified the situation as extremely critical. Multiple defamatory listings occupied top positions on Google for almost all brand-related keywords. This visibility of negative content was a direct threat to the company’s business prospects and could not be ignored.

Strategic Response

At Brandy Inc., we implemented advanced reputation management strategies tailored to the unique needs of the financing company. Our primary goal was to suppress the negative content and promote positive or neutral content to improve the company’s online image. I believe in a proactive approach, combining immediate actions with long-term strategies to ensure sustained results.

Immediate Actions

We commenced the campaign with aggressive content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, aiming to replace the negative listings with positive or neutral ones. Within 48 hours of initiating the campaign, we began to see a significant shift in the search results. I always recommend quick and decisive actions in such scenarios to mitigate damage effectively.


  • First 48 Hours: The immediate application of our advanced strategies led to the initial outranking of negative listings. Positive content started appearing in place of the defamatory links.
  • First 45 Days: Continuous and concerted efforts over the first month and a half resulted in all eight defamatory listings being pushed off the first page of Google search results for the financing company’s name.
  • Subsequent Months: With ongoing reputation management efforts, we succeeded in completely eliminating the presence of defamatory search results from all relevant brand name searches. The company’s online reputation was restored, allowing potential clients to see a more accurate and favorable representation of the firm.


The timely and effective intervention by my team at Brandy Inc. transformed the online presence of the Geneva-based boutique financing company. In my opinion, this case underscores the importance of swift and strategic reputation management in today’s digital age. Our approach not only addressed the immediate crisis but also ensured the long-term protection of the company’s online image.


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