Brandy Inc on Restoring a Home Builder’s Online Reputation

Brandy Inc on Restoring a Home Builder’s Online Reputation


In July 2016, a home builder in Long Grove, IL, encountered a significant online reputation crisis. A defamatory post about their business appeared on Ripoff Report, a popular complaint website. This post quickly gained visibility, prominently showing up in search engine results for the home builder’s brand-related keywords. The negative exposure resulted in a decline in customer inquiries and lost contracts, severely threatening the company’s financial stability and reputation.

The Challenge

The major challenge we faced was that the Ripoff Report post ranked highly in search engine results, overshadowing the home builder’s official online presence. Potential customers, upon searching for the business, were met with this damaging information. This led to a loss of trust and a reduction in new business opportunities.

The Solution

When the home builder approached Brandy Inc., I knew we had to act swiftly. My initial assessment revealed several deficiencies in their online reputation management strategy. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps I implemented:

  1. Content Creation and Optimization: We created and optimized positive content around the brand. This included press releases, blog posts, and customer testimonials to push the negative post further down in search results.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We focused on SEO techniques to ensure the positive content ranked higher. This included optimizing their website and creating high-quality backlinks.
  3. Social Media Engagement: I recommended enhancing their social media presence. Active engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn helped in building a positive narrative around the brand.
  4. Review Management: Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on various review platforms diluted the impact of the negative post.
  5. Third-Party Endorsements: Collaborating with influencers and industry experts to vouch for the home builder helped in restoring credibility.


Within the first 90 days of implementing these strategies, we effectively pushed the Ripoff Report post off the first page of Google search results for all brand-related keywords, significantly reducing its impact. The home builder saw a resurgence in customer inquiries and successfully regained lost contracts.


My team at Brandy Inc. successfully restored and enhanced the home builder’s digital presence by addressing the critical gaps in their online reputation management strategy. Our strategic measures not only mitigated the immediate negative impact of the defamatory post but also established a solid foundation for ongoing reputation management. In my opinion, consistent and proactive reputation management is crucial for any business, especially in today’s digital age.

Note on Client Confidentiality

Due to the sensitive nature of our work and the confidentiality agreement (NDA) in place, specific client details, including the name and exact location, have been kept private. This case study discusses a real scenario involving a home builder from Long Grove, IL, who faced significant online reputation challenges. My team and I at Brandy Inc. were engaged to address these issues and successfully implemented strategies to restore the client’s online reputation. All information shared in this case study has been anonymized to respect the client’s privacy while providing insights into the effective methods used by Brandy Inc.


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